Evan spoke the impact of Blockchain to a group of 300 entrepreneurs and investors.

Crypto Investor show

Evan spoke about investing in Crypto at UK's biggest Crypto Investor show on 10th March with 5,000+ people attending.

GHMB Blockchain Day

Evan spoke in Hong Kong to 2,000+ people about giving power back to people and building a decentralized world.

United Nations

Evan spoke about his intention to raise $3 Billion for charities at the United Nations during the Nexus Summit at the United Nation HQ.


Evan spoke about google glass and innovation in Berlin, Germany.


Evan Spoke in Mumbai to a group of youngsters about his entrepreneurial journey and vision for the future


Evan spoke about making technology sustainable In New Delhi, India.


Evan spoke about developing Android Apps and entrepreneurship in multiple cities around India.


Evan talked and answered questions about entrepreneurship with the 3000+ strong team of employees at Nielson for 3 hours.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference

Evan spoke in Bangalore about why we do what we do with Almora Crypto Investment Bank.

Crypto And Blockchain Thailand

Evan spoke to a group of 500+ people about his work in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Vietnam Blockchain Week

Evan spoke about best practices for launching an ICO to 3,000+ People attending.

Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit

Evan spoke in Zurich with 700+ people about changing the world with the power of Blockchain.

Delhi University Fest 2018

Evan Spoke in DU 2018 Fest with 23,000 people about his life as an entrepreneur.

Zhiejang University Blockchain workshop

Evan did a workshop on building a decentralized future with 300+ Ph.d Students in China.

4th Annual Fintech and Blockchain Conference Shanghai

Evan spoke to 1500+ people about solving big problems with Blockchain.

Monaco International Clubbing Show

Evan shared his experience and learning from running multiple businesses in the nightlife and entertainment industry.

G20 Summit Turkey

Evan spoke about how to use technology to help change the world for the better and committed a $100,000 in building solutions to help refugees.

St. Gallen Business School

Evan spoke to an audience 2-3 times his age composed of MBA students on how corporations and large companies need to foster entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive in this fast-changing world.

step - vviptv

Evan spoke at STEP Conference at Dubai, The largest technology event in all of Middle East. Evan talked to VVIP TV about the past, present and future of technology.

SF university

Evan spoke about the advent of mobile apps in the Entertainment Industry in San Fransisco, California, United States.


Evan spoke about User Experience Design in Seoul, Korea.

Evan loves talking to all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. Feel free to get in touch with Evan and you will receive a response accordingly.


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