With Evan Creativity Meets Technology

Evan Conceptualizes, Innovates and then works on Executing world-changing ideas. He love's building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, he builds products in a way you will never forget.

Evan believes in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital businesses that are both innovative and profitable.

Evan Luthra has that rare and coveted ability to turn original ideas into businesses that are both innovative and profitable. At 23 years-old, he has an already impressive resume and career history. He started his journey as a serial entrepreneur as an adolescent and was bitten by the "digital bug" early and often. This forward thinking, technology-minded entrepreneur embarked on his first digital endeavor at just twelve years old by curating technology-related news, and he garnered a 250,000 readers in doing so.

He then began developing mobile apps with the advent of mobile app popularity. Always on the cusp and leading edge of new trends and innovations, he has become a true innovator and a recognized name in the world of Startups. He has started various technology companies and built products used by millions of people. As he refused to listen to people with limiting beliefs, his experience from a struggling innovator to a leading entrepreneur inspired many when he exited his first company for 7 figures and simountesly took over the TedX stage at 17.

My Speaking

Here are some of the conference i have spoken at.

Webit Festival

Evan spoke about "Bootstrapping as an investment strategy. From limited opportunities to unlimited success" to 4000 people in attendance and over 7 million viewers on national television in Sofia, Bulgaria.



Evan spoke about making technology sustainable In New Delhi, India


Evan spoke about investing in Crypto at UK's biggest Crypto Investor show on 10th March with 5,000+ people attending


Evan spoke about best practices for doing an ICO to 3,000+ People attending.


Evan spoke in Zurich with 700+ people about changing the world with the power of Blockchain

Monaco International Clubbing Show:

Evan shared his experience and learnings from running multiple businesses in the nightlife and entertainment industry

G20 Summit Turkey:

Evan spoke about how to use technology to help change the world for the better and committed a $100,000 in building solutions to help refugees.

United Nations

Evan spoke about his intention to raise $3 Billion for charities at the United Nations during the Nexus Summit at the United Nation HQ in

Google g|days

Evan spoke about developing Android Apps and entrepreneurship in multiple cities around India.

Nielsen corporation

Evan Talked and answered questions about entrepreneurship with the 3000+ strong team of employees at Nielson for 3 hours.

step - vviptv

Evan spoke at STEP Conference at Dubai, The largest technology event in all of Middle East. Evan talked to VVIP TV about the past, present and future of technology.

SF university

Evan spoke about the advent of mobile apps in the Entertainment Industry in San Fransisco, California, United States.

My Investments

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Evan creates and invests in the future.

Evan loves talking to all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. Feel free to get in touch with Evan and you will receive a response accordingly.


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